Personalized First Day of School Chalkboard, Back To School Sign, Kindergarten Chalkboard Sign

Take the cutest pictures ever with this First Day of School Chalkboard! It is a REAL sign (not just a printable!), with a quality chalkboard surface. It works with chalk markers and regular chalk, and is easy to clean. The years between your child's first day and graduating high school will go by in the blink of an eye! Don't miss out on the memories of the first day, year after year.

• Adorable first day of school pictures
• Memorable Keepsake of each passing year
• Perfect Size for children to hold (15 x 11.5)
• Handmade In USA
• Free Shipping! We ship via USPS which usually takes 2-3 days to arrive once shipped

Customize your chalkboard with the child's name. At 15" x 11.5" our sign is the perfect size for photos, and is great to show how your little one grows each year. It is handmade in the USA and due to the nature of handmade items varies slightly from board to board.

Use and Care: Our chalkboards work with regular chalk and most chalk markers. We suggest wiping it with a damp rag with just water, and following up with a dry rag (especially if using chalk markers). A magic eraser can remove any chalk marker residue or more stubborn chalk markers. We do not suggest "priming" the chalkboard if you are using regular chalk- it is already ready to go!

Color Type
Teal, Blue, & Green
Teal, Blue, & Green
Pink and Yellow